The DUFFLE Nappy Bag in Chaos + Calm (charcoal) sitting on beach towel next to baby boy.

Packing The DUFFLE™ All In One Nappy Bag for Beach Days!

Summer days by the beach in Australia is a bond that can't be broken. Sun kissed skin, sandy toes, salty hair and cooling down in the waves is a past time that so many of us enjoy...

However, heading down to the beach on your own or with mates, compared to hitting up the waves with a young family are very different experiences to say the least. 

Beach days with little ones in toe can be an anxiety filled experience for new parents if you let it. There is so much to pack and stay on top of that you either end up as a crazy bag lady or staying in under the aircon.  

The best way to enjoy it is to be packed and organised with all your main baby, mum and beach essentials.

Click here to watch Tash, Founder of Mummas Wear take the fuss out of it and demonstrate how to convert and pack The DUFFLE™ All In One Nappy Bag as the family beach bag!

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