My Nickname is "MUM" but my real name is "Mum Mum Mum Mum Mum!"

Mummahood is the true definition of LOVE!

I am all about making mum's feel good about themselves. When they are out and about with their kids and adjusting to the early years of motherhood. 

It’s fair enough to say that going through the mumma motions has its highs and lows…

I found after having my second (my two kiddies are 15 months apart) leaving the house with a small crossbody nappy bag or trying to chuck everything into a backpack just wasn’t cutting it. I liked to be super organised and take everything but the kitchen sink with me so that I was prepared for whatever the day threw my way. I always needed a truck load of snacks and spare clothes. When we travelled or had to pack the beach bag for a day out, I realised I needed most of the usual items plus towels, sunscreen, damp swimmers…

So MUMMAS WEAR was born!

A lifestyle brand to help Mumma’s (and dad's) feel good about their parenting journey, whatever milestone they are at.

I was thrilled to design and launch The DUFFLE™ All In One Nappy Bag! Ideal for mums of twins or multiples to use every day and for young families as their ultimate leisure bag to take with them on their family adventures. Perfect for travelling with the family, summer days by the beach, weekend getaways, camping, maternity hospital stays, sleepovers at grandparent’s place, trips to the zoo and more!

With 10x thought-out compartments and spacious design; everything you need will have its place. Easily convert to wear crossbody, by the carry handles or as a backpack when you need to be hands-free to attend to them mumma moments of holding sticking hands, carrying little ones or tying up mum buns in preparation of operation poo explosion clean up!

Feel good you are supporting an Australian small business. Your family bag is DESIGNED & OWNED by Sydney Mum that totally gets what you are going through or about to dive into.

Lots of Love

Tash xx

Founder of MUMMAS WEAR