Mum kneeling in front of her baby boy who is sitting on the swing at a park playground. Beside them is The DUFFLE Nappy Bag in Chaos + Calm (charcoal).

Packing The DUFFLE™ All In One Nappy Bag for Mum Life!

The DUFFLE™ All In One Nappy Bag is perfect for mumma's with twins or multiples that want to pack everything but the kitchen sink just in case! When you have learnt your lesson too many times that when you don't pack the spare outfits, extra formula, water bottle, endless snacks or jacket for example it's like calling to the parenting gods asking for a poo explosion, cold chill or stage 10 "I'm hungry" and "I'm thirsty" tantrum to happen in the backseat while your are driving to the destination... 

Click here to watch Tash, Founder of Mummas Wear demonstrate how to pack all the compartments in your nappy bag for fun filled days running around with (after) the kids :)


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