Top 4 Style Tips from a Personal Stylist!

Top 4 Style Tips from a Personal Stylist!

From chatting with my @fittedbytash clients I have found that that a lot of women, especially mums tend to put themselves to the side once they have had a baby and also suffer from a lack of body confidence and insecurities.

We put up with ill-fitting bras, aren't happy with our wardrobe and struggle to find time for ourselves. Adjusting to a changed body, new identity and mum bod can be a lot. For many women knowing what clothes suit them and what colours they should wear doesn't come easy.

When I met the colourful Saasha Scaife Robinson, a qualified personal stylist, it was a no brainer that I had to get her on for a video interview. We are two mumma's both passionate about making women feel good about themselves and find their confidence. I wanted to learn and share Saasha's top styling tips with you all!

Saasha is qualified personal stylist who studied in London College of Style and specialises in colour analysis.

Listen in as we chat about:

1. body shapes

2. what to wear or avoid

3. importance of colour in our wardrobe and

4. the must have items every girl needs in their wardrobe!

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Lots of Love,


Founder of MUMMAS WEAR and Independent Bra Fit Specialist @fittedbytash

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